Return policy

Saya Loft strives to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. We only select products made with care - often handcrafted - by skilled artisans. We always inspect the merchandise at our warehouse, in order to ensure it respects our standards of quality. However, unforeseen accidents can happen. If you receive a damaged product (or one unlike what you ordered), contact us to we may find a solution to your problem. We will propose an exchange or reimbursement.

To discuss the return or exchange of a product, contact us at 1-877-529-7323 or write us an email:


Your Product is Damaged?

We wrap your purchase with caution, in order to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. If you receive a damaged item, contact us as soon as possible to let us know. Do not sign the delivery note before having inspected your order. In order for Saya Loft to be held responsible for damages, you must note any damage spotted on the reception of your product. Following that, send us a photo and a description of the damages. We will then proceed with an exchange (and pay any shipping fees), or a reimbursement. If possible, we will reimburse the amount onto the same credit card used for purchase.


Changed Your Mind on a Purchase?

Saya Loft always seeks to give the best customer service possible. If your purchase does not satisfy you, we will take it back, on the condition that the product’s return is quick and in its original condition. Any return fees must be paid by the customer. Saya Loft will also remove any delivery fees, paid for during the product’s purchase, from the reimbursement. This deduction can be up to 20% of the total of the reimbursement.


 The conditions for a return are the following:

  • The client is responsible for any return shipping fees. All returned products must be placed back in their original packaging.
  • In the case where your product was delivered without any shipping fees, an amount of up to 20% of the product price will be deducted from your reimbursement.
  • The product must be returned no later than 21 days following the reception of your order.
  • The product, once returned to our warehouse, will be examined. Following that, the reimbursement will be issued if the return is accepted.
  • When products are returned or damaged, you may have parts of your reimbursement withheld if there is additional damage on the product. To avoid this, make sure the product is carefully wrapped and protected as well as possible.

An order that is already being shipped cannot be cancelled. If, at its reception, you decide to cancel your order, our return policy will be applicable.

After receiving and inspecting the products, you will receive your reimbursement in the next 2-3 business days.


Procedure for an approved return or exchange:

For large objects:

  • A delivery company will contact you to organize the pickup. We will take the necessary arrangements to pick up the product, while finding the least expensive delivery method for you.

For small objects:

  • We will provide you with return shipping labels. You can also return the merchandise to SAYA Loft through FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, or any company that provides a reference number for the purpose of tracking the delivery.